3A is a company owned by Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood. ThreeZero has been designing and making toys for thousands of years, and Ashley Wood has been creating art and stuff for a kinda long time too! They thought by combining the strengths something good could happen and it did.
With no other agenda than making fun toys and stuff, Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood would like to welcome you to our world!

Our products range from 1/6th, 1/12th and 1:1 scale collectibles featuring Ashley Woods creator-owned properties - World War Robot, Popbot, Adventure Kartel, Totem - as well as unique collaborations with Marvel Comics, Halo, Valve, Kojima's Metal Gear Solid, Bandai, 2000AD, Real Steel, Kow Yokoyama's Maschinen Krieger, Kenny Wong, Rufus Daylo (Solid Gold Death Mask) and more.

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ThreeZero 1/6 Mass Effect 3 : Commander Shepard (Retail Ver.)
ThreeZero Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepard (Retail Version) Product Summary - Figure stan..
RM928.00 RM738.00
In stock

ThreeZero 1/6 Mass Effect 3 : Legion (Retail Ver.)
Threezero 1/6 Mass Effect 3 : Legion (Retail Version) Product Summary - figure stand..
RM798.00 RM638.00
In stock

ThreeZero : 1/12 The Matrix : APU (Retail Ver.)
Threezero The Matrix : APU (Retail Version) Product Summary - APU stands ~13.5 inches (34..
RM1,638.00 RM1,388.00
Sold Out

ThreeZero : 1/6 Breaking Bad : Jesse Pinkman
Threezero 1/6 Breaking Bad : Heisenberg Product Summary   1/6th scale Breaking B..
RM638.00 RM588.00
In stock

ThreeZero : 1/6 Game of Thrones : Jaime Lannister
ThreeZero Game Of Thrones: Jaime Lannister   Product Description  ..
RM798.00 RM718.00
Sold Out

Threezero : Getter Robot - Getter 1 (Retail Ver.)
Threezero Getter Robot - Getter 1 (Retail Version)   Product Summary   ..
RM1,388.00 RM1,298.00
Sold Out

ThreeZero : Titanfall : IMC Ogre (Retail Ver.)
Threezero Titanfall : M-COR Ogre (Retail Version)   Product Summary   T..
RM1,988.00 RM1,688.00
In stock

ThreeZero : Titanfall : IMC Stryder (Retail Ver.)
Threezero Titanfall : IMC Stryder (Retail Version)   Product Summary   ..
RM1,788.00 RM1,599.00
In stock