Imaginarium Art - 1/4 Statue : Rescue Armor

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Imaginarium Art 1/4 Statue : Iron Man Mark 43

Product Summary
Armour Powers and Abilities
R.T. node: Thanks to the Repulsor Tech node implanted in her chest, which is linked to her brain, Pepper is able to interact with different types of energies and forces a normal human can't. The R.T. node acts like a new sense for its user.[28] It enhances the metabolism, core strength, reaction time, reflexes and intelligence up to 25-30 IQ points.
Energy Emanation: The R.T. node not only provides repulsor energy to run devices such as the Iron Man Armor, its user can produce beams of energy at will, possibly weaker and less directed than the Uni-Beam.
Electrical Fields Detection: As the R.T. node is connected to Pepper, she can feel different electrical fields that the Reactor is picking up. This includes all kinds of invisible frequencies.
Magnetic Force-Field: The R.T. node creates a force-field which can be modified at will by its user by gradually increasing increments of the power from the Reactor. It is powerful enough to destroy bullets or repel people. It can also surpass an electromagnetic field generated by Electro.
Levitation: The magnetic force-field generated by the Reactor can interfere with the ones created by the planet and cause levitation. It's unknown if this interaction can be used to fly.
Enhanced Senses: The reactor also increases the senses of its user, allowing Pepper to "hear better" for example.
Enhanced Strength: The R.T. node allows its possessor to have increased strength.
Regenerative Durability: It has been shown that a user of an R.T. node not only recovers incredibly fast from different types of injuries, but also resists more physical damage than an average human.
1 Head
1 Left Arms
1 Right Arms
includes, Camouflage Base
Measurement: 41cm(W) x 55cm(H) x 40cm(D)
Weight: 16kg
Scale : 1/4, refer to measurement
L.E.D. Lightings: Eyes, Chest, Palms, Jet packs x 4
Material: Resin, PU, Acrylic
Edition Size 500pcs 
Actual product Color may vary from pictures on website
Note: Suitable for Ages 14 and Above



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