Beast Kingdom - Thor The Dark World : Mighty Mjolnir with Base

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Beast Kingdom - Thor The Dark World : Mighty Mjolnir with Base

Product Summary

In the Thor franchaise, Odin, chief of the Norse Gods, had ordered the dwarven blacksmiths to forge the Mighty Hammer Mjolnir in the heart of a dying star. The Mjolnir is a weapon of mass destruction, but it also can be a symbol of creativity.
Beast Kingdom Toys is proud to present the Mighty Hammer Mjolnir’s life-sized movie prop from one of the popular movie in 2013- Thor2: The Dark World.
This incredible collector’s item was licensed exclusively by Marvel, and modeled after the actual prop used in the Thor movie, capturing the awesome details on the Mighty Hammer Mjolnir.
The Mighty hammer Mjolnir is individually treated with metallic paint. Surrounding the Mjolnir’s mallet is the mysterious totem of Asgard; the Hammer also features high-quality leather on the grip.
Each Mighty Hammer Mjolnir is shipped with an exclusive display base. The front side of the display case has a detailed carving of the "Mjolnir" totem, and on the back is the whisper from Odin: "whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor."
Each Mighty Hammer Mjolnir has a limit-edition serial number on the base, boosting the quality and value of any collection!
Product details:
Scale:Mighty Hammer Mjolnir Life-Size 
Manufacturer:Beast Kingdom Toys

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