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Established in 2000, Hot Toys Limited is a high-end collectible brand, devoted to designing, developing and producing high quality and highly detailed collectibles with authentic likeness. Initially started the business from producing 1/6th scale military action figures, Hot Toys has since expanded its product scope to specialize in 1/6th scale collectible figures from popular movies, video games, comics as well as world renowned celebrities.

Since 2003, Hot Toys has acquired the official merchandising rights in producing collectibles from international movies which includes Iron Man, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, The Dark Knight, Superman, Terminator Series, Aliens & Predator franchises as well as world famous celebrities such as King of Pop Michael Jackson, martial artist Bruce Lee, two-time Oscar winner for Best Actor Award Marlon Brando, American film icon James Dean, renowned movie actor and musician Leslie Cheung and Wong Ka Kui, the founding member of the Hong Kong rock band – Beyond. Hot Toys’ collectibles have been sought after by movie, figure, and pop culture fans and also appreciated by celebrities including Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Clark Gregg, Byung-hun Lee, Naoto Takenaka, Mari Yaguchi and more. 

Hot Toys is the leader in the 1/6th collectible industry and has led the quality of collectible figures development to another climax over the past years. Moreover, Hot Toys has obtained the patent for its innovation of Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Interchangeable Faces Techniques (IFT) for its DX series, which has further increased the likeness of the collectible figures. 

In addition to 1/6th scale collectible figures, Hot Toys also focuses on product diversity by introducing highly detailed 1/4th scale collectible figures, 1/6th scale collectible vehicles. 1/4th scale collectible busts, as well as 3” and 6” Cosbaby series. 

Adding to the popular Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS) and Deluxe Series (DX), Hot Toys has expanded its collection series in recent years to include the 1/6th scale MMS Diecast Series, Power Pose (PPS), and Diorama Series.

The Hot Toys brand is widely acclaimed in different parts of the world with products sold by our strategic worldwide distributors to over 30 countries including the United States, Europe, Greater China, South East Asia, Japan, Korea and the Middle East.

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Hot Toys : MMS382 1/6 Suicide Squad - The Joker (Purple Coat Version)
Hot Toys MMS382 : Suicide Squad - The Joker (Purple Coat Version)   ETA Q2 - Q3 ..
Sold Out

Hot Toys : MMS392 1/6 Star Wars Rogue One: Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol (TK-14057)
Hot Toys MMS392 Rogue One : A Star Wars Story - Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol (TK-14057) ..
RM898.00 RM848.00
In stock

Hot Toys : MMSC002 1/12 The Dark Knight Rises: The Bat Deluxe Collectible Set
Hot Toys - MMSC002 - The Dark Knight Rises: 1/12th scale The Bat Deluxe Collectible Set  ..
RM2,680.00 RM2,412.00
In stock

Hot Toys : VGM17 1/6 MGR:Revengeance - Raiden
Hot Toys - VGM17 - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: 1/6th scale Raiden Collectible Figure &nbs..
RM998.00 RM880.00
In stock

Hot Toys : VGM20 1/6 Star Wars Battlefront - Shock Trooper
Hot Toys VGM20 Star Wars Battlefront - Shock Trooper   Product Summary &nb..
RM858.00 RM770.00
In stock

Hot Toys DX15 1/6 Pirates of the Caribbean : EP5 - Jack Sparrow
Hot Toys DX15 Pirates of the Carribbean : Dead Man Tell No Tales - Jack Sparrow   ETA ..
Sold Out

Hot Toys DX16 1/6 Star Wars EP I : The Phantom Menace - Darth Maul
Hot Toys DX16 1/6 Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Manace - Darth Maul   ETA Q3 - Q..
Pre-Order Sold Out

Hot Toys MMS201 1/6 Man of Steel - Jor-El
Hot Toys - MMS201 - Man of Steel - 1/6th scale Jor-El Collectible Figure   ~ MMS Serie..
RM618.00 RM556.00
In stock

Hot Toys MMS203D05 1/6 RoboCop - RoboCop with Mechanical Chair (Diecast Series)
Hot Toys - MMS203D05 - RoboCop: 1/6th scale RoboCop Collectible Figure with Mechanical Chair [Doc..
RM1,180.00 RM1,100.00
Sold Out

Hot Toys MMS211 1/6 Iron Man 3 - The Mandarin
Hot Toys - MMS211 - Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale The Mandarin Collectible Figure ~ Movie Maste..
RM648.00 RM550.00
In stock

Hot Toys MMS222 1/6 Space Pirate - Captain Harlock
Hot Toys - MMS222 - Space Pirate Captain Harlock: 1/6th scale Captain Harlock Collectible Figure ..
RM698.00 RM628.00
Sold Out

Hot Toys MMS223 1/6 Space Pirate - Captain Harlock with Throne of Arcadia
Hot Toys - MMS223 - Space Pirate Captain Harlock: 1/6th scale Captain Harlock Collectible Figure ..
RM1,188.00 RM1,070.00
In stock

Hot Toys MMS226 1/6 The Avengers - Chitauri Footsoldier
Hot Toys - MMS226 - The Avengers: 1/6th scale Chitauri Footsoldier Collectible Figure   ..
RM698.00 RM590.00
In stock

Hot Toys MMS227 1/6 The Avengers - Chitauri Commander
Hot Toys - MMS227 - The Avengers: 1/6th scale Chitauri Commander Collectible Figure   ..
RM698.00 RM590.00
In stock

Hot Toys MMS246 1/6 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Electro
Hot Toys - MMS246 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 1/6th scale Electro Collectible Figure "L..
RM698.00 RM628.00
In stock